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Mysteries of the Garden of Eden
[ RECORD NO. 8 OUT OF 98 ] - http://acardworld.psend.com/cgi/history_hyperlinks.cgi?8
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Mysterious Blue Spiral - Hyperdimensional Space Travel
Crop Circles
To the Edge of Time
Jonathan Gray - Strange Signs in the Sky
Jordan Maxwell - Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came
Bill Ryan (Project Avalon and Camelot) - Klaus Dona 25 March 2010
The Pyramid Code
The Gospel of Judas the Hidden Story of the Betrayal of Christ
Pyramids & Pentagon
2010 Ancient Aliens ~ Episode II - The Visitors
Watson and Crick: Unraveling the Mystery of DNA
Weird Travels Alien Encounters
Naked Science - Alien Contact
The 13th Warrior
2010 Ancient Aliens ~ Episode III - The Mission
Quest for the Lost Civilization Graham Hancock
Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
Underwater City Off of Cuba
Travel Astral
William Henry
Atlantis Uncovered
2010 The Day Before Disclosure
Edgar Cayce
Everything You Know About the Universe is Wrong
Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls
The Secret Land (Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump)
In Search Of Ancient Astronauts (1973)
Channel 4 UFOs The Secret Evidence
Out of Body Experience Techniques
Buried Evidence
Tibetan Conture - Hybrid Human Alien History
Bhagavad Gita - Mahatbarratta - Hindu -
Lost Book of Enoch "Watchers" and Giants
UFO Fleet over Mexico spells Allah and Muhammad in Arabic
John Allegro - The Dead Sea Scrolls Cover Up
Traffic Cops - Twins Madness In The Fast Lane
Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir - So Ham
Uisneach Bealtaine 2010
Top 4 UFOs Of 2011
UFO disabled Missle System on a F4E-Phantom Fighter Jet
UFO Close encounters! Abductee
The Melchizedek Method
2010 Inside Secret Government Warehouses Shocking Revelations
The Truth Behind UFOs Over Phoenix
UFO Aliens: Making Contact
Aliens Space Travel Egypt
Bassett Highgate Disclosure Briefing
Magical Egypt VIII Cosmology
Magical Egypt I The Invisible Science
Magical Egypt II Old Kingdom and Older Kingdom Still
Magical Egypt VIII Cosmology
Magical Egypt IV The Temple in Man
Magical Egypt (Episode 5) Navigating the Afterlife
Magical Egypt VI Initiation
Magical Egypt VIII Cosmology
Out-of-Body Experience - How to Prepare for an
The Joy of Knowing: The Electrifying Truth - by unASLEEP
THE EISENHOWER BRIEF: The US government has or not a treaty with extraterrestrials??
2011 The year of disclousure - UFO Documentary
Designer Babies - Comments by Princeton professor Lee Silver
City Under Stonehenge
Magical Egypt III Descent
Giant and aliens
The Secret Evidence
Nibiru Planet X Mayan Calendar vs Science
Planet X / Nibiru 2012 Flyby Scenarios - February 2009 Report
The Day Pictures Were Born
Proof Dinosaurs Lived With Man
Music Favorites for Northwest UFO Chasers
UFOs It Has Begun (Rod Serling Jacques Vallee) cult 1976
Astrologic Ancient American Masters
Tau in Circle Lemurian Symbol
Hollywoods obsession with UFOs and Flying Saucers in Movies and Television
Mystical Spirit 1 - Burning Man Sedona
Fact Or Faked: Sasquatch Sprint/Alien Attacker
Weird Effect in Sky
StarGate Gulf of Aden - Some Reality
Four Hour Witness DVD
William Cooper (Mystery Babylon) Isis Osiris
The Lost Pyramids Of Caral
Julian Assange
Weird Genetically Modified Animal Hybrid
Mohenjo Daro Sindh
Tiwanaku - Tiahuanaco - Tiahuanaca the ancient city in South America
Flooded Kingdoms Of The Last Ice Age
Alien artifacts discovered underneath crop circles
Welcome to Northwest UFO Chasers
Tepe Gobekli
BBC- Building the Great Pyramid
Secret Star Mappers of A Lost World - Atlantis
Hubble Space-Shattering Discoveries
WASP Flying Platform
Mini-Documentary about Lucid Dreaming